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With close to 2 million beacons and over 60 partners, Unacast is the world´s largest network of beacon and proximity companies, connecting the physical world to the digital world.

Through the Unacast PROX network, Unacast enables a scalable solution for retailers and brands to use beacon and proximity data for online retargeting and attribution.

Online marketing is almost entirely based on whatever online trails the consumer leaves behind. At the same time, the world is being rapidly “sensored up” with beacons and other proximity technologies collecting data about customer’s offline Behavior. The data is however extremely fragmented and siloed between more than 350 companies.

Unacast is the backend of proximity that aggregates and provides a unified platform for the proximity and advertising industry, solving the fragmentation problem to the benefit of both the supply and demand side.

We are the first company to enable a scalable way for retailers and brands to retarget customers online based on behavior in the physical space.


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Thomas walle jensen unacast

Thomas Walle Jensen

Co-founder & CEO

Thomas led the partnership team in WiMP Music/Tidal and built the company´s strong portfolio of complex global strategic partnerships. At the same time, Thomas also headed the international roll-out of WiMP/Tidal to new markets. Prior to WiMP, Thomas worked at PwC with financial due diligence and is educated from Copenhagen Business School/University of Southern California.

Kjartan cropped unacast

Kjartan Slette

Co-founder & COO

Kjartan led the procurement team and strategy team in WiMP Music/Tidal, started the ad funded video music service RADR Music News, and the technology and innovation incubator MashUP. Educated from Copenhagen Business School and awarded “Top 100 Young Leader in Norway” by E24, the leading financial oriented Norwegian news site.


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